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Mission Statement

Our mission is to allow our users to directly contact the authorities and find a safe location in an emergency situation

Why We're Doing This

Problem/Statistics: A Department of Justice survey reported that between 2004 and 2015, there was an average of 250,000 hate crimes each year. About 54% of violent hate crimes went unreported. 38% of victims who did not report crimes to the police feared retaliation, reprisal, and revenge by the offender or didn’t want the offender to get in trouble. These innocent victims did not have any way to contact the authorities without the offender knowing. They also don’t have a place to stay in case the crime or situation gets too severe.

Solution: SafeWear will allow victims of hate crimes to discreetly contact authorities and police precincts to assist in reporting an issue without the offender or the person committing the crime even realizing it. This innovative app will also help people to find a safe place to confide in until the situation has been lifted. Some instances include: fires, floods, natural disasters, getting mugged, shot at.,etc

SafeWear is unleashing its brand new product.